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So I would have to say this is a slight reformulation and blends in more with today’s fragrances, though still keep in mind there’s still nothing quite like it.

Actually incense has as been as popular as ever before (ie.

It open with fresh eucalyptus and benzoin mixed with sweetness as background and continuous until base note.

This fragrance scent has Le Male DNA but the way more naturally, less synthetic and more relaxing note without killing each other near you.

Not a bad one, but very overrated and very linear,..

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There is also a mild earthiness and deliciously subtle spiciness, but again - what notes are doing that? One of our dogs loves this on me so much it's a true challenge to stop her from licking it off me wherever it's been sprayed.I used to have the original version of BK and I loved it, but man o’ man was it powerful and heavy on the incense.Very thick and syrupy juice which made it great for winter.And that is a shame as this is still lovely - there is some le male, some Lolita lempicka - but in truth, it is unique. It is still a great fragrance in my opinion it reminds me of the blue dove for men bar soap.It is a descent and under rated cologne from the house.

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