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Fortunately, she has an old college friend and her husband to bunk with, while she looks for a place of her own. As she exits the elevator, another man is entering it, obviously taking his box of files. The big boss introduces D then retreats to his "bunker office". Although they "sort of" like the looks of each other, Peter's cynical nature is all too clear and Dana ends up in tears, bolting from the scene.Not wanting to let any grass grow, the yoga-loving wife desires to matchmake immediately and introduce Dana to a mutual friend, Peter (Jake Mc Dorman). Very miffed, the two employees in charge refuse to show her what to do and end up locking her out in the stairwell. Can this truly be the start of a Manhattan Love Story? As is typical, I am behind everyone else and just saw my first show. How I love the actors, especially Tipton, who was a real charmer in Damsels in Distress, a Whit Stilman film. We romcom lovers NEED shows like this to maintain our sanity and zest for life!

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My second job/internship was at [insert name of company here].

This job/internship was very interesting, and it was in [insert name of industry here…e.g. There, I gained experience [what did you gain experience in? troubleshooting problems, assisting the sales team and following up on customer inquiries, etc.] I would like to leverage the knowledge and skills that I learned during my two jobs/internships in order to deliver immediate value to the [insert the name of the job] role at [insert the name of the target company].

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Annie and Jake finally get engaged after six years, but her larger-than-life personality and his laid-back approach to life will severely test the theory of "opposites attract".

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