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Water that has a bit of salt in it won’t harm your plants and the nutrients extracted from egg shells will actually benefit them.Alternatively, you could add that water to soups and stocks later on.While you wait for the shower to heat up, place a bucket under the running water to catch the cool water.This perfectly clean water that can be used for a variety of uses – fill up your kettle or your fish tank, or fill up pets’ water bowls.Some restaurants can throw up to 10 litres of water a night out as a result of guests ordering a glass of water and then not drinking it.

If your shower is over your bath, use a biodegradable soap, keep the plug in to catch the water and then use this grey water to flush the loo.

Over a litre of water can be wasted waiting for that water to cool down.

Avoid this and keep bottles or jugs of water in the fridge, it’s much cooler than out of the tap and an easier way of drinking cold water.

You can also boil, cool and store to use as drinking water.

You can also do something similar in your sink by placing a small bucket or container under the tap.

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