Filson single tin bibs

Where I am sawing and splitting is loaded with brier's. I looked at the Carhartt double front, but was not impressed. My only concern with the tin pants would be the break in period. They are worth every penny if you need to bust through brush with no bloodletting, I havent got a pair of the tin pants, but the coat is awesome. I also have a tin cloth jacket, and you must know how well that works in the brush if you have one yourself.As his mother, I wanted to thank you for making a product that enhances the comfort and work performance of my son. If you prefer a simplified shopping experience, try the mobile web version of Amazon at There are two straps on each leg that slide under your work belt, and one strap on either side of the belt loop to keep these tan chaps from twisting and bunching.Use the snaps to adjust the straps for a perfect fit. I have a pair of the upland game pants, tin cloth front, regular canvas back. I wear them in the summer to go blackberry picking, and they do get clammy, they don't breathe well but they do turn away blackberry stickers.

Built to last through long work days and longer hours in the field. Filson bibs and chaps are made with water-repellent and tear-resistant materials like our signature oil-finish Tin Cloth and Mackinaw wool.

They are waterproof too as long as you keep them waxed up.

The leg zippers make it real easy to remove them with your boots on.

The straight-cut legs are finished with a 14-inch brass zipper and heavy-duty snap closures, so you can pull them right over your work boots.

Storm flaps cover the zippers to block wind and water.

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