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Meanwhile, Mark Anthony has designs on the imperial throne, and on Cleopatra. Caesar Kenneth Williams Mark Anthony Sidney James Hengist Pod Kenneth Conner Cleopatra Amanda Barrie Horsa Jim Dale Seneca Charles Hawtrey Calpernica Joan Sims Spencius Warren Mitchell Gloria Julie Stevens Senna Pod Sheila Hancock Roman Citizen Wanda Ventham Agrippa Francis de Wolff Galley Slave Captain Peter Gilmore Soothsayer Jon Pertwee With: Victor Maddern, Brian Oulton, Tom Clegg and Michael Ward (1964 ITV) Carry On Cowboy Way out west, the peace of Stodge City is shattered when the dreaded Rumpo Kid rides into town and guns down the sheriff.

Caesar: Friends, Romans- Mark Anthony: -Countrymen. Knutt, a travelling salesman, finds himself suckered with the job of making the town safe, with some secret help.

Sergeant Nocker Phil Silvers Bertram (Beau) Oliphant West Jim Dale Simpson Peter Butterworth Captain Le Pice Charles Hawtrey Commandant Burger Kenneth Williams Corktip Anita Harris Zigzag Joan Sims Abdul Bernard Bresslaw Lady Jane Ponsonby Angela Douglas Corporal Clotski John Bluthal Riff Larry Taylor Raff William Hurndell Captain Humphrey Bagshaw Peter Gilmore (1967 BBC 90-minutes) Carry On Doctor Or "Nurse carries on again".

In this sequel to Carry On Nurse, Francis Bigger is a notorious charlatan who tours the country lecturing on mind over matter.

ITV and Channel 4 running times include commercial breaks.

Albert Poop-Decker Bernard Cribbins Sally Juliet Mills Walter Charles Hawtrey Cpt Fearless Kenneth Williams Howett Donald Houston Carrier Jim Dale Hardy Anton Rodgers Spanish Governor Patrick Cargill Roger the Pirate Captain Peter Gilmore (1964 BBC 100-minutes) Carry On Cleo Made the year after Liz Taylors box office flop on the same theme, this more entertaining version has a couple of captured Britons struggling to find a way home.They end up by demolishing a house they were contracted to repair.Bert Handy Sidney James Sam Twist Kenneth Conner Francis Courtney Kenneth Williams Gabriel Dimple Charles Hawtrey Lily Duveen Joan Sims Delia King Liz Fraser Mr Weston Bill Owen Mrs Panting Fenella Fielding With: Stanley Unwin, Terence Longden, Betty Marsden, Nicholas Parsons, Victor Maddern, Esma Cannon and Joan Hickson (1961 ITV 105-minutes B&W) Carry On Cruising The first film of the series in colour.Not originally a Carry On film, that title was added almost at the end of production, and didnt even appear in the finished product.Nevertheless, with Kenneth Williams ("theres many a good fiddle played on an old dune") and company in attendance, the film is a classic of the series.

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