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As Mary was reading the conversation in the room, she got an IM.

She thought it was from a man and was going to cancel it when she realized it was from a woman.

The phone rang and Mary and this man talked and pleased each other audibly for over an hour. She was going to exit, but something in her told her to stay. Mary had her hands in her panties playing with herself through out the whole conversation.

Her flowing brunette hair and green eyes and button nose stared back at her. This was the pep talk that she constantly gave herself.

Although every bit of it was true; there was one area that was to blame for her not getting any dates. Her time mostly consists of work, and taking care of her 18-year-old daughter Angelina. Many men would find Mary attractive, but most would back off once they found out she had a kid.

There are some really good areas that offer a lot of positives, and there are some bad areas where you do not necessarily want to go. Mary liked them because you could talk to people in "real time".

Mary quickly in her Internet experience wandered into the seedier side of the World Wide Web. She would fantasize about touching their enormous cocks and running her hands all over their defined muscles. She got to know many more interesting people in addition to the ones she corresponded with via e-mail. "Hello." "Mary, hello, this is Wendy." "Hi." "You nervous? She couldn't believe how different and sexy Wendy's voice was. Wendy proceeded to tell her about what kind of woman makes her hot. She felt guilty getting off by thinking of her daughter. ---- I love comments, it encourages me to write more.

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