Libra man dating a libra woman dk dating Sønderborg

They have a mutual agreement to elevate each other above all others.The calendar of required events such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and major religious holidays will be observed faithfully.An appropriate gift, beautifully wrapped, with an unusual designer gift card to accompany it is never too much trouble for this pair.Appearances are very important as they are both heavily invested in the superficial aspects of a relationship which have a deeper meaning for Libras than for the rest of us. Both value good judgment, fairness and harmony and cultivate in themselves the qualities of a good friend. Each Libra is guaranteed a good mirror and sounding board.

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After a steamy rendezvous each will act shocked, exclaiming “Oh my goodness I don’t know what came over me! It’s a pleasing little game for these two thinkers, made more pleasant for each by the quality of the “opponent“ (they‘re actually collaborators).She will be loyal as a cute dog but will also bite you when she feels that she is betrayed. Happy birthday to all of my beautiful Libra friends!It depends on your individual personalities (on the other parts of your chart and your personal life experiences. This will probably be interesting to you both because you like to talk things out.You are both able to be exceptionally fair and detached in your judgment so that you may acually be able to arrive at a logical solution. But they are never really comfortable “following.” So you’ll have to reach an accord with each other as to how you will dance in tandem.

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