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And this dirty, filthy thing between us might end up being love after all. Their relationship with their lover, the glamorous and rich El-Mudad ibn Farid ibn Abdel Ati, is growing closer.Release date: Out now Severin is a dominant jerk with a bad attitude. For years someone else has sought Severin’s mastery — a man she never suspected. Even sharing guardianship of Neil’s granddaughter with his ex is going smoothly.Minnow, the woman hired to curb his temper, has seen beyond his bastard nature and has become obsessed with the way he masters her. When the situation implodes, she’s no longer sure where she stands. Their unstable three-way relationship threatens to collapse. But a trip to Sophie’s hometown leads to a heartbreaking discovery, and she’s forced to confront a family she never knew.Will Severin’s submissives be able to save him from self-destruction, or will they need to abandon the man they love? Character’s memories of prior abuse may trigger some readers. When they ask her for a life-changing favor, she must choose between helping them and healing herself — unless she can find a way to do both.While she navigates the unrelenting emotional pressure, long-simmering tensions come to a head in her professional life with dramatic consequences.Reconciling what her heart wants with fears for the future, Sophie must learn to let go of the past and embrace possibilities she never knew were options…Release date: Out now series.But there’s an ocean between us, and I’m not sure it can be crossed with something as easy as a phone call or a plane ride. He doesn’t know this yet, but this time I’m the one with the power. Release date: Out now Sophie Scaife finally feels like her personal life is on the right track.And maybe — just maybe — if the air were cleared and all our secrets bared, there could still be a chance for us. Her marriage to her devastatingly sadistic billionaire Dom, Neil Elwood, is as sexually adventurous as ever.

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Release date: Out now As one of Hollywood’s hottest producers, Kristian Bowen is on top of the world.Struggling waitress Sugar Laine agrees to spend one night with Lyle—but only because she’s desperate to save her family home.She never expects that a night of passion will turn into a pretend engagement…When Natalie, Flynn and their other friends encourage Aileen to move to LA and work for Quantum, she jumps at the chance to give her family a fresh start.And with her off-the-charts attraction to Flynn’s business partner in the mix, the idea of living in LA becomes that much sweeter.

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