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5 crore or above during the preceding three licensing years are permitted to carry out their business through designated Diamond Dollar Accounts (DDAs).

Under the DDA Scheme, it would be in order for banks to liquidate PCFC granted to a DDA holder by dollar proceeds from sale of cut and polished diamonds by him to another DDA holder.2.

I know you brought some slides here to talk about, how to just determine, what this gap is, what is kind of the arithmetic of it. Jeremy, you alluded to the basic calculation, that's the starting point for calculating your spending rate.

So, let's say we have in my next slide I have got 67-year-old Mark.

So, ,000 of that 0,000 portfolio would be closer to 6%.

Most planners if they were to look at that number would say Mark, let's see if we can figure out some things to either try to reduce your in-retirement spending, or try to enlarge your portfolio before you get close to retirement.

Glaser: Maria, this 4% rule gets kicked around a lot, we talked about it a lot, but say, that I just misunderstood, can you explain to us exactly what that 4% rule, what it's saying? I think we'll talk about that in more detail with our experts today as well, but the 4% rule really--well, the intent of it was to, as Christine had mentioned, you look at your portfolio balance, and if your target rate is 4%, you would spend 4% of that.

Jeremy Glaser: In our first two sessions, we described how to figure out what your spending in retirement is going to be--what you can count on from Social Security, pensions, other guaranteed sources. So, you are looking at your annual anticipated in-retirement spending, that's the starting point as we talked about in the first session. The closer you are to retirement, try to get a good number there, then from that number, you are subtracting any annual sources of other nonportfolio income that you will be able to rely on in retirement.Therefore, the bills may be rediscounted ‘with recourse’.However, if an AD is in a position to arrange ‘without recourse’ facility on competitive terms, it is permitted to avail itself of such a facility.2.2.7 Accounting Aspects2.2.8 Restoration of Limits and Availability of Export Benefits such as EEFC Account As stated in paragraph 2.2.6 above, "Without Recourse" facility may not generally be available.The PCFC extended to the supplier EOU/EPZ/SEZ unit will have to be liquidated by receipt of foreign exchange from the receiver EOU/EPZ/SEZ unit, for which purpose, the receiver EOU/EPZ/SEZ unit may avail of PCFC.The stipulation regarding liquidation of PCFC by payment in foreign exchange will be met in such cases not by negotiation of export documents but by transfer of foreign exchange from the banker of the receiver EOU/EPZ/SEZ unit to the banker of supplier EOU/EPZ/SEZ unit.

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