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By far and away the easiet method of gaining ops on a channel is to ask. This is especially true of the bigger and well established channels that have cultures onto themselves such as #Netsex, #Teensex, #Windows95, #Bawel, #BDSM, #Blaklife, #Texas, #Hack, and any of the #Warez channels and a whole host of others.

To gain ops in these channels you must become a channel re gular (i.e.

The following discussion mostly relates to splits but I will touch on anonirc briefly at the end. A split occurs when the IRC server you are communicating on detaches from the rest of the net.

If you are in a channel and by chance the only one on a particular server that splits away, you will not only find yourself alone on the channel, but will now ha ve the opportunity to gain ops.

Aside from asking there are essentially two other ways of gaining ops.

The first is through splits and the second is through anonirc.

Since you have neither the time nor the desire to make friends on the channel you ultimately want to hack ops on, the asking method is the last thing you want to do on all but the smaller more ethereal channels, where you obviously stand a better although still slim chance of gaining ops through a request..One important exception to the ask method is through the use of anonirc which can be used on any ch annel but has severe limitations.on this later.But of course you didn't come this far to be taught how to ask for ops.lets proceed with the next lesson.In order to do this you need to leave and rejoin the channel in which case you will now find yourself with the little @ in front of your nick. More likely than not, especially on a bigger channel a number of things are likely to occur that will remove your op status. When LL tells you that a server is split ,you connect to that server and join the channel you seek to hack ops on and h ope nobody else split from the channel on that server(if this occurs you will not get ops)..When your server rejoins you will have ops on the channel. Remember now the goal here is to keep ops so you can "Have Your Way". Link Looker Link Looker is a lovely little program that acts as your intelligence officer. If you find yourself alone, you will have ops and a fighting chance to gain control of the channel.

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