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Many critics have tried to determine the exact nature of the evil hinted at by the story.However, others have argued that the brilliance of the novella results from its ability to create an intimate sense of confusion and suspense within the reader.I found this aspect spoiled what could have easily been otherwise an above-average haunted house movie relying on psychological chills in the best tradition of The Haunting.What a number of viewers of this program fail to realize is that this adaptation of the classic Henry James novel was videotaped in its entirely on location at a centuries-old estate in England.Probably the film is interesting in providing us with a chance to see young Balthazar Getty, who is to be famous with more complex roles in 'Lost Highway' and other films.

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The Turn of the Screw, originally published in 1898, is a novella written by Henry James.

The late Lynn Regrave was a fine actress and viewers should look at this like a stage play and not expect a cinematic film experience.

On that level it succeeds admirably considering the budgetary limitations.

With the video format, a high degree of intimacy is realized and, as a result, the production feels very much like a stage play.

The only exception is the outdoor portions of the program, which are shot on grainy 16mm film that gives a totally different visual impact.

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